COMPANY PRESS GLASS d.o.o. has helped Association for Autism «POGLED» from Nedelišće with a donation — As part of the 22nd Varazdin half-marathon the «PRESS GLASS — Run and support» campaign was held —

On Sunday, 09.18.2016. at the Kapucinski square in Varazdin, our employees collected donations through their participation in the 22nd Varazdin Half Marathon, to help the Association for Autism “POGLED” from Nedelišće within the „PRESS GLASS -Run and support“ campaign. The company PRESS GLASS d.o.o. continued the tradition of their Polish colleagues, and was the largest organized team in the race.

“The goal of our campaign is supporting of charity, helping local community and thereby encouraging our employees to be actively involved in sports. This was the first race in the series through which the company PRESS GLASS d.o.o. donates funds to the ones most in need “- says local coordinator of the campaign, Zrinka Čić.

Our first race in the “PRESS GLASS -Run and support” campaign in Croatia was supported by 32 runners from companies Press Glass d.o.o. and as moral, friendship and financial support by 24 runners from Press Glass SA in Poland. The core underlying elements of the campaign are the propagation of sports activities through running and providing financial support to the selected charity. The idea of “PRESS GLASS – Run and support” campaign arose by our staff and colleagues from Poland, who spend their free time running, and has been developed with the intention to combine an active lifestyle and love of helping the needy. Each employee of PRESS GLASS can join the campaign – those who are already engaged in running, those who intend to start running, and those who are looking for new adventures.

“Our campaign is very popular among employees of company PRESS GLASS; therefore, it was extended beyond Poland. As a result, people who run often get the opportunity to turn their passion for running into a support to those who need it “- explains one of the organizers of the original campaign in Poland, Gerard Plaze.

The rules for supporting in Croatia were the same as those in Poland – conditions for participation in the race through the “PRESS GLASS RUN AND SUPPORT” campaign were that every runner must be wearing a “Run and support” shirt, while registering to enter the appropriate name of the club (PRESS GLASS RUN AND SUPPORT), and pays the participation fee. For each participant who finishes the race as part of the campaign, company PRESS GLASS d.o.o. will donate to charity the amount of 200,00 HRK for the finish of 21.1 km, and 100,00 HRK for the finish of 5 km, as well as the amount of the total value of all participation fees that are payed individually by the runners.

“I expect that with this action we will donate several thousand HRK to the Association for Autism” POGLED” from Nedelišće, and it will be just the beginning of our initiatives within the PRESS GLASS “RUN AND SUPPORT” campaign. The exact amount of the donation will be known in approximately ten days, and I believe that all will be positively surprised, “ — emphasizes Zrinka

The first “PRESS GLASS – RUN AND SUPPORT” race was held in Poland on April 11th in 2015, under the 7th Częstochowa race over a distance of 10 km, where the name of the campaign involved 74 people. The company PRESS GLASS was the largest organized team racing.

The Association for Autism “POGLED” from Nedelišće is an association of parents that operate in the northwest of Croatia since June 2009, and currently have 130 members of which 125 are children with autism spectrum disorders and 5 adults. The area of activity of the association are social activities, education, science and research, and health protection. The goals of the Association are public awareness of the problems and specifics of autism, support, assistance and sensitization of children and people with autism and their families. Also, more information about the association can be found on

Thanks to everyone who came to support the runners and the action! See you next year.

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