Charity run in Tczew for children from suburbs

On Saturday (November 5, 2016) the PRESS GLASS team took part in 26th Sambor Street Run in Tczew, Poland. 39 people wearing T-shirts of “Run and support” campaign covered the distance of 10 kilometres. Covering whole route enabled participants to raise 2.7 thousand zlotys. Money will support the activity of special education facilities in Tczew.

399 people took part in the Tczew street run. Marek Kowalski (GKS Żukowo) was the winner. The PRESS GLASS team consisted of 39 people. Among them there were 4 guest participants – persons who work in special education facilities in Tczew. Everyone reached the finish line. Bartosz Grabowski reached the best (59th) position among people who took part in “Run and support” campaign.

Traditionally, for participants in corporate colours the run was not only a sport event, but also a chance to support people in need. Like in the previous year, raised money (2730 zlotys in total) will be dedicated to supporting children who are under the care of special education facilities.

Run and support