В Словике мы снова побежали специально для Франека

В последнее воскресенье прошлого месяца (24 сентября этого года) мы приняли участие в благотворительном забеге в пользу Франека – ребенка, страдающего от расщепления позвоночника, подопечного фонда „Успеть помочь». Это уже наш второй индивидуальный старт для Франека в расцветке кампании «Бегаем и поддерживаем».

Just like in the previous year, special rules applied for the race. Apart from previously agreed amount of money transferred to Franek for every worker who finished the race, additionally, entry fees – paid previously by the participants of “Бегаем и поддерживаем” campaign – were also transferred.

This year, 21 PRESS GLASS employees faced the distance of 5 kilometres. Raised amount (PLN 945) will go directly to the account of foundation, which raises funds for Franek’s motor rehabilitation.

Franek is a cheerful, brave and persistent 6-year old boy, who hates boredom and, above all, looks for adventures and challenges. The boy was born with spina bifida and myelomeningocele – with no prognosis for life. He was supposed to be a bed-bound child, but his hard work and persistence made it possible for him to be in such a good condition. Franek’s life is still at stake – he has a chance to lead a relatively normal life, provided that he is continually rehabilitated. Such a medical care involves large expenditures. That is why we encourage everyone to keep helping Franek:

“Zdążyć z Pomocą” Foundation for Children (ul. Łomiańska 5, 01-685 Warszawa)

Account number – 15 1060 0076 0000 3310 0018 2615

Specific objective – 15845 Szewczyk Franciszek Andrzej donation for help and health care

We would like to thank everyone who actively helped and took part in running event for Franek within the scope of “Бегаем и поддерживаем” campaign.


Бегаем и поддерживаем