We offer already 75 types of acoustic glazed units

We have expanded our offer of acoustic glazed units again. The catalogue has been added 5 new types of glazed units; each has been tested appropriately and certified for acoustic resistance.

The weighted acoustic resistance (Rw) is for the new glazed units from 40 to 45 decibel (dB).We have expanded the catalogue of glazed units offered with the following:

  • 1. 6-12-8,4T (VSG 44.1T) Acoustic ; Rw=40 (-2,-6)
  • 2. 8-12-8,4T (VSG 44.1T) Acoustic ; Rw=41 (-2,-6)
  • 3. 13,5 (VSG 66.4)-16-12T  ; Rw=41 (-1,-4)
  • 4. 13,5 (VSG 66.4)-16-8T ; Rw=42 (-1,-5)
  • 5. 10,8 (VSG 55.2) Acoustic-12-8,8T (VSG 44.2T) Acoustic ; Rw=45 (-2,-7)

Currently, the offer includes as many an 75 types of acoustic glazed units.

Acoustic configurator can facilitate the selection of suitable glazed units – it is available on our website and in the PRESS GLASS MOBILE app (iOS and Android).

Acoustic configurator