Trči i podrži: Summary of Individual Competitions in 2019

From the beginning of 2016 to the end of 2019 within the “Trči i podrži” campaign in Croatia a total of over 72,000 HRK was collected. Only in 2019, over 33 000 00 HRK were individually ‘run out’ as part of the campaign.

Last year 43 employees took part in individual runs, who covered a total of 1092 kilometers, taking part in 25 different races throughout the entire Varaždin district and surrounding counties.

Press Glass d.o.o. for each completed individual race, donates a certain amount to charity, i.e. to a fund from which, when a sufficient amount is collected, money is donated to charity, most often to associations to help those in need. All participants in the “Trči i podrži” campaign have the right to suggest to whom the collected money will be donated.

During 2019 year, a total of HRK 33 021 00 was collected and forwarded to the associations:

– The Swimming club for disabled people “Vidra” Varaždin
– The Association for helping patients with malignant diseases “NINA”
– The Association of people with intellectual disabilities “Sunce” Varaždin
– The Varaždin “Društvo Naša djeca” society
– The Upbringing, education and rehabilitation center “PODRAVSKO SUNCE” Koprivnica
– The Association of therapeutic and recreational climbing GRIP
– The Smile association
– The “Life and Joy” association for children with disabilities and disabled people

The year 2019 has been the most successful and popular so far, and our three most active users are:

No. Surname and first name Distance covered [km] Number of runs
1 Dario Posavec 160.82 14
2 Danijela Kaniški 127 10
3 Silvija Trčak 119.48 8

We are very proud of all our runners, those who use good will, and we hope that each subsequent year will attract even more runners, and in the future we will have our campaign extended to the other activities.


Official information about the campaign can be found at:

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