Easier selection of acoustic glazed units

We have launched an acoustic certificate search engine on pressglass.com website. The new functionality allows to search for acoustic glazed units based on various parameters. What is more, the certificates can also be downloaded as PDF files. The search engine is part of the soundproof glass configurator system, thanks to which you can easily and quickly compare and analyse data on individual types of PRESS GLASS glass.

The acoustic certificate search engine allows for a simple and intuitive search, taking into account many different parameters. In practice, you can, for example, filter by type (single glass, double IGU and triple IGU) or display laminated glass only. Of course, there is also the option to download and save the certificates in PDF files. Importantly, the new search engine has been appropriately adapted to the certification requirements of individual markets, including European and North American markets.

This functionality complements our soundproof glass configurator system. It is a tool that allows for a broad comparative analysis. The configurator allows you to select products taking into account not only the weighted insulation coefficients and correction factors, but also, important in practical terms, data regarding, for example, weight, safety class or glass thickness in the package.

When it comes to acoustic glazed units, it is also worth mentioning the noise damping simulator. This configurator enables the simulation of noise reduction with the use of specific acoustic glazed units in relation to the state without any sound barriers. The simulator also enables quick comparison of the auditory effects between different types of glass. The user can independently conduct an experiment with various types of sound, compare noise reduction with the use of available sound-insulating glazing and consciously choose the glazing – according to his expectations and preferences.


Acoustic certification search engine