Battle for Britain

HISTORY Mr. Rogulski, supported film’s veteran of the Battle of Britain, is an imaginary character from a Polish fighter squadron, but his experiences are made up of many true stories.

Many people today aren’t aware of the Polish pilots who helped defend Britain during the Second World War: By the end of the war, around 20,000 Poles were serving in the RAF. Indeed, another 200,000 Poles fought under British high command on the Western Front. In February 1945, Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt met at the Yalta conference and agreed that Poland would be put under Soviet control. When the Second World War ended, a Communist government was installed in Poland. Most Poles felt betrayed by their wartime allies, and those that returned to Poland often suffered a sad fate at the hands of the new regime. Few of the Polish veterans who remained in Britain after the War ever got the recognition they deserved: Polish soldiers were not even allowed to march alongside their allied troops in the London Victory parade of 1946. Battle for Britain demonstrates the strong socio-historical link between the UK and Poland. STORY Mr. Rogulski (JULIAN GLOVER) lives in Oxford in a house that time forgot, alone since his beloved wife’s death. One morning, he sets off for a walk to go and feed the pigeons in Oriel Square. An encounter with the helpful young Steven (Max Fowler) leads to the scooter ride of his life. Mr. Rogulski invites his new friend into his home for tea and proudly admits it’s his 101st birthday. When the old man begins to doze off, Steven does the unthinkable, leaving Mr. Rogulski the choice between vengeance or forgiveness.

The film pays tribute to the extraordinary history of the many Polish pilots that defended the skies of Britain from the Nazis, 70 years ago today. For more information visit: