Announcement regarding the decision to invest in the Republic of Croatia

We hereby notify that as of the beginning of the year 2014 our Board decided on establishing an affiliate company PRESS GLASS d.o.o. in Croatia, and on construction of production plant there.

The company was established in March 2014, and directly thereafter preparatory works were commenced to start project activities. In August 2014 we received permission for construction of a production plant in the town of Varaždin. Construction works commenced directly following receipt of the permission. Completion of the investment is scheduled at April 2015, and the lunch of production at May 2015.

By establishing our presence in Croatia we would like to contribute to development of companies producing window and door frames, glass facades and various types of glazed indoor structures.

We would also like to thank the authorities of Special Economy Zone and local branch of national construction supervision authority in the town of Varaždin, for their cooperation so far.