Inlägg av Gerard Plaze

Area Sales Representative (Southern Europe)

We are the leader of the European building glass processing sector. We collaborate with leading producers of windows and façades. We have the state of the art machinery. We have been implementing individual service systems and keep expanding our production potential. In connection with development our company we are looking for candidates for the position […]

Expansion of the largest plant in Poland

Between 2014 and 2015, we greatly expanded our plant in Radomsko (Poland): the area of the production halls doubled. Currently, this plant is the largest plant of such a type in mainland Europe. We documented the expansion works in a special video. The area of the Radomsko plant is now as much as 63,000 sq. […]

A broader offer of acoustic glass units

The catalogue of acoustic glass units offered by us contains 78 types of glass. Recently we have expended our offer with glazed unit 8/20/10.8 (VSG 55.2) Argon with weighted sound reduction index (Rw) of 42 decibels (dB). The adjustment coefficients C and Ctr are -2 and -5 dB respectively. Acoustic properties of the new glazed […]

Another edition of the Career Programme

By the end of May interested persons may file applications to this year’s (13th) edition of the prestigious program of paid student training. It is another year that our company is involved in the Career Programme. We have developed three offers of various training programs. The Career Programme has been organised by the Polish Business […]

New plant certified by ift Rosenheim

The German Window Technology Institute (ift Rosenheim) has completed the testing and certification process of the glass manufactured at our plant in Varaždin (Croatia) that started operation a few months ago. The certificates confirm that also the glass manufactured at the factory meet the requirements of European standards. ift Rosenheim operating since 1966 is one […]

Production of environment-friendly panes

In panes production we remember about actions to protect the natural environment. This is confirmed e.g. with our participation in the ambitious project – “resources SAVED” which is aimed at protecting resources by recycling. Environmental protection throughout the production process is a major point of reference for PRESS GLASS. We realize that care for mitigating […]

Tesla Motors salon – a new project in Norway

Projects that use our glass are not only large construction investments. Those are also smaller buildings that are worth mentioning e.g. due to the underlying ideas. A new Tesla Motors car salon opened in the second half of 2015 in Skodje (Norway) is a good example. High quality panes of our make were used in […]

Glazed units for the office building in Cambridge

The 22 Station Road office building completed recently in Cambridge is classified among the largest and most modern office buildings in the region. In the performance of the prestigious investment, totally 2 000 m² of panes produced at our facilities were used. 22 Station Road includes inter alia five floors of office space, car and […]

Run and support – a summary of the start in November

A numerous representation of PRESS GLASS participated in the 25th Sambor Street Run which took place on 7 November in Tczew (Poland). Within the action “Run and support” the distance of 10 km was covered by jointly 40 persons. For each person we provided a specific amount for a charity purpose. The participants decided that […]

Expand your view with new dimension 7000 x 3200

PRESS GLASS has recently invested in new technology to increase the maximum size available to customers, for the construction of even larger glazed frames, without divisions. All single glass and Insulated Glass Units (IGU’s) are available in the new dimension (7000 mm x 3200 mm). Glass in such dimensions can be used in modern construction […]

Glazing of a car salon in Leeds

A new BMW and Mini car salon opened in Leeds (West Yorkshire, United Kingdom), is among the largest investments in the car dealing sector. Panes from our facilities were used in the construction started in 2014. The Stratstone dealership salon offering BMW and Mini has vast exhibition space and many other premises, including offices, workshops […]

Panes for the European Bioinformatics Institute

R&D centres of the European Bioinformatics Institute are among the major centres for world science. The newest facility of the Institute, located in Hinxton (Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom) is one of very non-typical investments where our panes were used. The new facility is one of the three main centres of the Institute in the county of […]

The next run is in November

At the beginning of November, the PRESS GLASS team will participate for the first time in the run organised in Tczew (Poland). Under the action “Run and support” we will provide an amount of money to support a selected charity action – the amount will be proportional to the number of employees who will end […]

Glazed units for the Eurocentrum office complex

The Eurocentrum office complex, located in the central part of Warsaw (Poland), is another investment where our panes were used. Practically all panes used in the first stage of the investment, including façade glass and internal glazing (apart from fire glazing), were manufactured in our facilities. The design was developed by the Polish architectonic company […]

Run and support – another stage behind us

On the last but one Sunday of September the PRESS GLASS team participated in two runs organised in Tychy (Poland) – 20th Tychy International Street Run and 4th Tychy Half-Marathon. Altogether 23 employees of the company declared their readiness to participate in the runs. Within the action “Run and support” we paid a certain amount […]

Façade glass for the National Forum of Music

The National Forum of Music was officially opened at the beginning of September in Wroclaw (Poland). For the investment we supplied about 2 000 m² of façade glass. With the glass and a well designed architectonic concept, the interior of the building acquires a unique shine in daylight. Overall about 2 000 m² of glazed […]

New acoustic glazed unit

We have expanded our offer of acoustic glazed units. The catalogue of PRESS GLASS glazed units has been expanded with 11,5 (VSG 55.4)/20/13,5 (VSG 66.4) Argon acoustic glazed unit – its weighted acoustic resistance (Rw) is 47 decibel (dB). Corrective coefficients C and Ctr are -1 and -4 dB respectively. The acoustic properties have been […]

International Congress Centre – project in Poland

Located in the central part of Katowice (Poland), the International Congress Centre (MCK) is another large and prestigious facility with panes produced at our factories. The investment was carried out in 2011-2015. The project was developed in the Polish designing company JEMS Architekci, associated with concepts characterised by clear tectonics and references to the high-tech […]

We are also on Instagram

Since recently we have been present on Instagram – the photographic social service. On our profile we present issues related to our business from a slightly different perspective – more focused on the visual aspect. We started the company profile on Instagram several weeks ago. Those who are interested may see among others interesting photos […]

Panes for the seat of Polish symphony orchestra

The new seat of the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra (NOSPR) built in Katowice (Poland) is another interesting project made with the use if our panes. Among others, the PRESS GLASS façade glazed units were used for this project. The facility was built in the central part of Katowice. There are over 400 rooms in […]

Increasingly good acoustic results

We have improved the parameters of one of the acoustic glazed units offered by us. The glazed unit 6-16-8,8T (VSG 44.2T) has achieved the weighted acoustic resistance (Rw) of 39 decibel (dB). Corrective coefficients C and Ctr are -2 and -6 dB respectively. The improvement of the acoustic result has been confirmed by test made […]

The innovative AGH Center of Energy – a new project in Poland

Operation of the AGH Center of Energy – a new complex of Stanislaw Staszic AGH University of Science and Technology  in Krakow (Poland) will be launched in autumn. Façade glazed units and laminated single glass (with Venceva colour system) manufactured in our plants were used for this project. The complex consists of two buildings – […]

Fulham Wharf – a new London project

The Fulham Wharf residential complex which is being constructed in London is one of the key projects to increase share of urban greens in the total surface of Great Britain’s capital city. Among others, the glazed units manufactured by us have been used for this project. For the window joinery works used in the project, […]

We offer already 75 types of acoustic glazed units

We have expanded our offer of acoustic glazed units again. The catalogue has been added 5 new types of glazed units; each has been tested appropriately and certified for acoustic resistance. The weighted acoustic resistance (Rw) is for the new glazed units from 40 to 45 decibel (dB).We have expanded the catalogue of glazed units […]

Façade glasses in the ICE Krakow Congress Centre

Opened last year, the ICE Krakow Congress Centre (Poland) is one of the most prestigious and exclusive complexes of this type in Europe. It is also another interesting project comprising façade glasses delivered by our plants. The Krakow complex offers more than 36 thousand m2 of conference space, including an auditorium hall for up to […]

University campus in Aalborg – a new reference project in Denmark

The new campus of the University of Aalborg (Denmark) is one of the most interesting investments that have been commissioned recently with the application of panes manufactured by us. PRESS GLASS façade and window glasses were used in this reference. The campus was designed by the Henning Larsen team – one of the most appreciated […]

Run and support in another city

Another event in our “Run and Support” campaign will take place at the end of the month. That time the PRESS GLASS team will run in Radomsko (Poland) where the Third Radomsko Street Run (Marian Szymański Memorial) will be held on 28 June. The run in Radomsko has been held since 2013. This year’s edition […]