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Run and Support all year long – 2016 campaign summary

We are proud to announce that our employees have just completed another successful year of the PRESS GLASS “Run and Support” campaign. It was a significant year – the campaign expanded to raise money for charity in individual races. In addition, it went beyond Polish borders and for the first time, Polish employees could run together with PRESS […]

Notre nouveau site internet disponible en allemand

Nous avons mis en ligne une version allemande de notre site internet sous le nom de domaine www.pressglass.com. Désormais, il est disponible en trois langues : anglaise, polonaise et allemande. D’autres versions viendront dans les mois à venir. Notre nouveau site (www.pressglass.com) fonctionne simultanément avec sa version précédente (www.pressglass.eu). En préparant cette nouvelle version du […]

10 nouvelles vitres acoustiques dans notre offre

Nous avons élargi notre offre par 10 nouvelles vitres acoustiques. Nous pouvons désormais proposer à nos Clients jusqu’à 98 types différents de vitres acoustiques dont l’indice Rw va de 31 à 52 dB. Notre offre contient désormais les vitres suivantes : No d’ordre Construction [mm] Rw [dB] C [dB] Ctr [dB] 1 6T/12Ar/4/12Ar/4T 36 -2 […]

In Słowik we ran individually for Franek

On 23 October 2016 we participated in a charity race in Słowik for Franek – the son of our employee, having spina bifida. Special starting conditions were set for the individual race – the amount  “run” in the Race for Franek was transferred directly to the foundation which raises funds for Franek’s kinesiotherapy. Six employees […]

Mise à jour de la norme d’usine

La norme d’usine de PRESS GLASS vient d’être mise à jour et elle est déjà disponible sur notre site Web. Ce document peut servir à tous ceux qui attendent et qui doivent être au courant des exigences prévues par les normes européennes dans le domaine des vitres utilisées dans la construction. Les modifications de notre […]

Nouveau site disponible également en polonais

Notre nouveau site fonctionnant dans le domaine www.pressglass.com est désormais disponible également en polonais. Jusqu’à présent, le site ne fonctionnait qu’en version anglaise. Les versions suivantes seront lancées dans les mois à venir. Le nouveau site (www.pressglass.com) fonctionne parallèlement au site actuel (www.pressglass.eu). Il a été conçu selon les plus récentes tendances en matière de […]

Charity run in Tczew for children from suburbs

On Saturday (November 5, 2016) the PRESS GLASS team took part in 26th Sambor Street Run in Tczew, Poland. 39 people wearing T-shirts of “Run and support” campaign covered the distance of 10 kilometres. Covering whole route enabled participants to raise 2.7 thousand zlotys. Money will support the activity of special education facilities in Tczew. […]

Certificat de constance pour les double vitrages pare-balles

L’Institut de Céramique et des Matériaux de construction (ICiMB) a délivré le certificat de constance des performances du produit pour les double vitrages pare-balles de notre fabrication. Ce document atteste formellement de la qualité de ce type de vitrages. L’Institut polonais ICiMB est un centre de recherche et de mise en œuvre national qui, depuis […]

Nouvelles données dans le configurateur des vitres de contrôle solaire

Le configurateur des vitres de contrôle solaire, qui permet de comparer et d’analyser les vitres que nous fabriquons, a été mis à jour et dispose désormais de nouvelles données. Maintenant, le configurateur comprend également les données concernant les types de verres de base et de couches de protection thermique. Grâce au configurateur, il est possible […]

Une offre de vitres acoustiques encore plus large

Une offre de vitres qui s’élargit constamment est ce qui distingue la marque PRESS GLASS. Cette fois-ci, nos Clients ont l’occasion de découvrir deux nouvelles propositions de triple vitrages et une proposition déjà connue mais avec des paramètres améliorés. Nos nouvelles propositions de vitres: No d’ordre Structure [mm] Rw [dB] C [dB] Ctr [dB] 1 10,8T […]

COMPANY PRESS GLASS d.o.o. has helped Association for Autism « POGLED » from Nedelišće with a donation – As part of the 22nd Varazdin half-marathon the « PRESS GLASS – Run and support » campaign was held –

On Sunday, 09.18.2016. at the Kapucinski square in Varazdin, our employees collected donations through their participation in the 22nd Varazdin Half Marathon, to help the Association for Autism “POGLED” from Nedelišće within the „PRESS GLASS -Run and support“ campaign. The company PRESS GLASS d.o.o. continued the tradition of their Polish colleagues, and was the largest […]

Area Sales Representative (Southern Europe)

We believe that everything we do leads to development of our Employees and Business Partners. We build an organization, where people is the biggest asset. Our corporate culture lead us to became the European leader in glass processing for architecture. If you are looking for inspiring challenges, make the next step in your career and […]

Run and support even more often

This year, the participants of the “Run and support” campaign will take part in three more runs, in Radomsko, Tychy and Tczew, that is, in the Polish towns where PRESS GLASS plants are located. Apart from the usual one, the campaign will have a broader scope: the support of the charitable purposes will stretch to […]

Run and support – a successful start of the new season

With our participation in the 8th Czestochowa Run held on April 9 in Czestochowa (Poland), we started the second season of the “Run and support” action. The PRESS GLASS team consisted of 60 people and we transferred a specific amount for charity purposes for each of them, supporting the treatment of three ill children.

Run and support – start of a new season

The next edition of the Czestochowa Run will be the first start this year within our action “Run and support”. The run of 10 km will be held on 9 April in Czestochowa (Poland). The funds that will be “run” by the PRESS GLASS team will be transferred to charity purposes.

The next run is in November

At the beginning of November, the PRESS GLASS team will participate for the first time in the run organised in Tczew (Poland). Under the action “Run and support” we will provide an amount of money to support a selected charity action – the amount will be proportional to the number of employees who will end […]

Run and support – another stage behind us

On the last but one Sunday of September the PRESS GLASS team participated in two runs organised in Tychy (Poland) – 20th Tychy International Street Run and 4th Tychy Half-Marathon. Altogether 23 employees of the company declared their readiness to participate in the runs. Within the action “Run and support” we paid a certain amount […]

Run and support – another start in September

The 20th International Street Run to be held in Tychy (Poland) is yet another stage in our action called “Run and support”.  In the second half of September, the team of PRESS GLASS will run on a distance of 10 km and then we will support financially a charity initiative selected by the participants. “This […]

Support to handicapped children

Another event in our “Run and Support” campaign took place at the end of June. In Radomsko (Poland) totally 13 employees of PRESS GLASS participated in the Third Street Run (Marian Szymański Memorial).  For each of them we contributed a certain amount of money to support a local charity program – the participants selected the […]

Run and support in another city

Another event in our “Run and Support” campaign will take place at the end of the month. That time the PRESS GLASS team will run in Radomsko (Poland) where the Third Radomsko Street Run (Marian Szymański Memorial) will be held on 28 June. The run in Radomsko has been held since 2013. This year’s edition […]

A successful start of the action Run and support

At the 7th Częstochowa Run that was held on 11 April 2015 in Częstochowa (Poland) we officially started the action “Run and support”. The PRESS GLASS team was composed of 74 persons. The financial support was provided for medical treatment of children who fight serious sicknesses, selected by the participants in the action. There were […]

Start of the action Run and support

n the first half of April we will start a new action named “Run and support” at a run in Częstochowa (Poland). There will be 74 persons to represent PRESS GLASS. The core underlying elements of the action is to propagate sports activity and to start in runs. We will also provide financial support to […]

Trois nouveaux types de double-vitrages acoustiques

L’offre de PRESS GLASS a été élargie de trois types suivants de double-vitrages acoustiques. Au catalogue des double-vitrages offerts par PRESS GLASS ont été joints : 9,5T (VSG 44.4T)/14/4/14/9,5T (VSG 44.4T) Acoustic; 9,5T (VSG 44.4T)/16/12,8T (VSG 66.2T) Acoustic; 10/16/12,8T (VSG 66.2T) Acoustic. Les coefficients d’isolation acoustique sont respectivement de 45, 43 et 41 décibels (dB) […]